Where are all of the 802.11n books?

Where are all of the 802.11n books?

By CWNP On 04/16/2008 - 7 Comments

Good grief.  How long must we wait for someone to write a decent book on 802.11n?  From the various architectures to deployment strategies, there are dozens of small topics that need addressing.  Many vendor whitepapers are proving to be so full of marketing that they aren't useful, and the market needs a "best practices" document for rolling out 802.11n.  It would even be useful to cover additional topics such as how 802.11n affects VoWLAN deployments.


Most engineers are waiting until the last possible second to do a deep dive into 802.11n technology.  Sure, they understand that it's faster - and maybe they know a few little details about the technology - but they haven't taken the time to go deep.  This blog has a few articles to get you started if you're one of those engineers, and new 802.11n content is on its way shortly.

On another note, until the upcoming CWNA Exam Objectives 4.x, Single Channel Architecture (SCA) - like Meru and Extricom (with their OEMs) - hasn't been covered.  Starting with the 4.x objectives (due soon, please don't ask for a date), both 802.11n and SCA will be on the exam objectives.  This is almost the same scenario as 802.11n.  Very few people have done a deep dive into SCA technology and understand its operation or advantages, and therefore there is a limited amount of publicly-available technical information on it.

Since publishing a mini-book on individual topics like these is very costly, we would like guest authors to publish articles on this blog on topics such as these.  One such article that was particularly interesting on this blog was from AirMagnet's Warren Blackwell on 802.11n efficiency.  Kudos to Warren.  We would love to see many more like that.  If you're interested in participating, please let us know.


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05/20/2008 at 03:52am
I definitely agree with Devin,,,most of the white papers are proving to made just for the sake of marketing and nothing else,,,,90% talk will be about their product and 10% talk will be abt technology,,even u cannot blame the marketing guys for that,:),,but i didn't find any book other than the one by Glenn Fleishman on .11n,,though not given in depth but yes did help me to understand .11n technology.

04/27/2008 at 18:11pm
well i am a CWNA
student fresh and a novice.
can i have some experienced CWNP person
to to share ideas with

04/20/2008 at 19:29pm
Hmm... who should write that book...


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