Wireless Tech Field Day

Wireless Tech Field Day

By CWNP On 03/16/2011 - 18 Comments

The wireless industry is a great “place” to work. It’s a super competitive field to be sure, but the community is amazing. I’m in San Jose for the rest of this week for Wireless Tech Field Day, an event organized by GestaltIT. I’m spending some time with many of the active members of the Wi-Fi community, learning that they are real people and not just 16-bit avatars.

Here’s the scoop about TFD and how you can participate. Tech Field Day is a chance for vendors to present to a neutral technical audience. The same live audience gets to ask the real questions that engineers would like to ask. It’s not for marketing; it’s actually a chance to cut through the marketing.

I am one among the 11 delegates (neutral people) here to get a fistful of technology right in the face for two full days. I’m not required to write about it, but I’m going to. If you’d like to learn from the experience along with the rest of us, there are a few easy ways.

1. The sessions will be streamed live by GestaltIT, so you can see the presentations and Q&A at: http://TechFieldDay.com/. Thursday sessions include Metageek, Cisco, and Aerohive. On Friday, we’ll interact with HP, Fluke, and AirMagnet.

2. Many of the delegates were recruited from the rockin’ wireless Twitter community. We’ll all be social media-ing our experience of the event, so search Twitter with the #TechFieldDay hashtag and you’ll get the tagged tweets. If you’re not currently using Twitter, you should know that it’s not all about where I ate lunch and why I’m a pathetic social media addict. Believe it or not, a lot of useful information is exchanged on Twitter. You could start by following the delegates. 

3. Read delegate blogs. Like I said, there’s no requirement for us to write about what we hear and see, but that’s sort of what we do. The same link above includes the names, twitter accounts, and blog links for all of the delegates. Even if you miss the TFD coverage, they’re all good blogs to read in the future.

So, if you’re sitting on the fringes of the public community, join in one way or another. Check out the live video streams, and join the Twitter community. There are a lot of smart people with the same wireless problems as you.

Disclaimer: All of my travel and associated costs are paid for by the vendor sponsors, and I may also receive logoed vendor stuff. I am in no way required to write anything positive or at all. I write because I like writing, and because Kevin makes me do it.

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