WLAN Website with Worthwhile Wisdom

WLAN Website with Worthwhile Wisdom

By CWNP On 03/17/2010 - 21 Comments

I wanted to write a quick blog to make sure the CWNP blog reading community is made aware of another fantastic resource for WLAN professionals that just so happens to be called Wireless LAN Professionals. Keith Parsons, CWNE #3 and CWNT, launched his latest project at the beginning of this year, a website devoted to educating, informing, entertaining, and inspiring WLAN professionals, as his site’s subtitle aptly states. The free content and technical resources available there are exceptional.

The highlight of the WLAN Pros site is a weekly audio podcast (WLAN Weekly - WLW)featuring multiple (usually) experts in the wireless field. A typical podcast runs a bit shy of an hour and includes two segments about 20 minutes long from an industry expert. You may get two technical sessions or one technical session and a soft-skills session, but they’re all good. You’ll also find many of the same experts sharing their quick elevator pitch for their product or solution, a wireless term of the day from Joel Barrett and the CWNP Dictionary, a 1-minute rant, and little known facts about Wi-Fi.

For example—shameless self-promotion here— WLAN Weekly #2 featured yours truly talking about 802.11 arbitration and then Adam Conway from Aerohive took it away talking about the management, control, and data planes of a network. Devin Akin was featured in another session and used both 20-minute segments (my friend, the Firehose) to talk about end-to-end QoS, a great lesson. Dave Hutchieson (dave1234 on the CWNP forums; I love his accent) also shared his expertise in electronics in session WLW 005. You’ll find other familiar voices on there, such as David Coleman, as well as folks from popular Wi-Fi vendors sharing helpful tidbits about something cool.

Anyway, go check it out. It’s a great prep resource for CWNP exams as well as general wireless expertise. Keith also shares his blogs on Wi-Fi stuff, travel tips, and other IT-related ideas and experiences. Beware though, he tips back on the Mac juice a bit heavy. :) You can also find Keith and WLAN Weekly updates on Twitter by following @KeithRParsons.

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