Ethics, Integrity, and the CWNE Process

By On 04/10/2018

What does it take to be a CWNE? According to Lee Badman, a lot more than just submitting the application. 

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2017: A Year in Review

By On 01/05/2018 - 41 Comments

This year has brought a lot of change to CWNP. Here's our look back:

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KRACK - It's Not As Bad As You Think

By On 10/18/2017 - 100 Comments

The recent reveal of the key reinstallation attack (KRACK) caused much stir in the wireless LAN community. This post addresses the reality of the attack, what should be done immediately, and lessons we should learn from it.

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Low-Cost Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (RF Explorer)

By On 09/27/2017 - 150 Comments

The RF Explorer device is a useful tool for the price point. At under $300 U.S., the price is much easier to accommodate than other, more advanced, handheld spectrum analyzers. The device can be purchased here:

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Calculating RF Wavelengths

By On 07/25/2017 - 325 Comments

RF wavelength calculations can be made quite simple with two basic formulas. One for feet and the other for meters. This blog post provides the formulas and an Excel spreadsheet for calculating the wavelengths for each 20 MHz channel center frequency in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

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Hotspot 2.0 Webinar Slides

By On 03/23/2017 - 72 Comments

The slides from the Hotspot 2.0 webinar on March 23, 2017 are available here.

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Modulation Basics

By Devin Akin On 02/22/2017

Modulation is defined as the process of manipulating a carrier signal so that it can represent intelligent information. Multiple kinds of modulation exist, but they fall into two general categories: digital modulation and analog modulation.

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Consider Hiring or Requiring a CWNE For Critical WLAN Situations

By Devin Akin On 12/28/2016

Yes, I am a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE), and no- I'm not looking for work via this blog post. But I see things, I read things, and I hear things as a busy citizen of the wireless world that bring me to the keyboard on this topic. With the booming popularity of wireless networking as the preferred access method for a growing number of business and personal scenarios, it stands to reason that more people are "doing" WLAN. But there are is a huge delta between doing it and doing it right. And that's where your friendly neighborhood CWNE comes in.

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The Road to 200 CWNEs

By On 11/04/2016 - 156 Comments

The CWNP CWNE certification saw a greater than 20% growth in the year 2016. This includes only the approved CWNEs as of early November this year. With more applications in the pipeline, this is likely to result in a more than 25% growth rate in 2016 over 2015. Reaching 200 approved CWNEs is a significant milestone for this certification and the buzz in the field indicates a continued increase in growth rate for next year.

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Selecting the Best Antenna

By Devin Akin On 10/27/2016

This blog covers information on the importance of selecting the best antenna and understanding coverage patterns.

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