• I know there are mandatory and optional items in the wi-fi alliance certifications for 802.11n, but as far as the standard itself is concerned, are any features mandatory except for the new ofdm that takes the rate to 65Mbps, frame aggregation and block ack?
    Is the support of the first 8 MCS index values mandatory?
    Thank you.

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    Support for the non-HT PPDU format and HT-mixed PPDU format are mandatory. Support for MCS Index 0-7 at 20 MHz is mandatory for client stations and MCS 0-15 with 20 MHz is required for APs.

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    Hi marcus. Inthe docs in says that a client needs to support 1x1 spatila stream which translates to support of MCS modes 0-7 but no SGI and no 40MHz.

    Is this support needed in bot directions? Do a device need to support MCS7 while transmitting and not just understand MCS0-7 in the receiving stream?

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