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    After looking at a couple of 802.11 packet captures if was reflecting over the fact that i was seeing transmissions that had the "greenfield" flag set to "False", but i wasn't seing any of the protections mechanisms being used prior to those transmissions, why is that?

    To my understanding all of the transmissions not using greenfield mode should be preceded by RTS/CTS of CTS-to-self

  • By Howard - edited: November 24, 2019

    First off, I hope you realize that greenfield was deprecated in 802.11ac.   Add it to the list of un-necessary options that were finally removed,  along with RIF's.

    But I will see if I can find your answer.

    In the meantime, I can tell you the idea of ALWAYS sending out CTS/Self , or RTS/CTS, with (almost) every frame is STUPID.  An old employer of mine used that, and it was a big mistake.   People in the industry should know better.   Just because a chip manufacturer makes it a selectable option, doesn't mean you should enable it.    Obviously there are extreme cases to use it, but leaving it always turned on is naive, at best. 

    One of the reasons that many manufacturers removed the option to change the RTS threshold was that it usually hurt performance more than it helped. 

    CTS-Self automatically cuts down the potential throughput over the entire network, and fractures some hardware and software diagnostic tools.

    Oh yeah,   I want to TRY to give MY product priority - over everyone else's.   Great philosophy (sarcasm).

    See how well your product's reputation does when customers see that merely having your product on-site cuts down on overall performance, and generates very peculiar problems of its own.

    Engineers who really DON'T understand Wi-Fi (or multi-thread programming) love the policy.  It helps relieve them of having to produce efficient firmware.

    PS:   I really hate the word "Deprecated".   

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