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  • Attached is one of the practice questions. To me the answers are wrong. The answers I chose are ticked.

    In OG, pg-188,

    "If the AKM suite value is 00 - 0F - AC - 01, authentication is negotiated over an 802.1X infrastructure using an EAP protocol. If the AKM suite value is 00 - 0F - AC - 02 (PSK), then PSK is the authentication method that is being used."

    AM I missing something?

    Thanks and regards,

    Pravin Goyal

  • Based only on  the screen shot you included, I would have to say that  there are no references to "DYNAMIC Key Management" in the 802.11 standard.

    As far as I know, all dynamic key methods are proprietary, so I would classify that answer as a "distractor".

  • There is nothing called a "Passphrase authentication and dynamic key management". 

    The answers are correct. 

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