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  • Note: This is a repost of my thread in the CWDP and CWAP forum.

    I took the CWSP exam today. I passed. I don't know the score results yet. The exam was pretty easy with about half the questions being knowledge that all networking professionals should know with the other half specific to 802.11 security.

    I used the CWSP Study Guide written by David Coleman, David Westcott and Bryan Harkings. This book is fabulous for both preparing for the exam and wireless security in general. I also used the book's practice tests and the book's online practice test system to polish towards the end of my studies.

    Next I used the CWNP official practice tests once I was ready. I highly recommend these exams. They are much better than the book and mirror the real exam very well.

    I also used Pluralsight and took all of the Cisco Wireless training classes to round out my knowledge base and to train from a different perspective.

    Overall, I spent four months studying almost everyday for 30 minutes to an hour on workdays and two or three hours every weekend. I probably invested around 100 total hours over those four months. I do have a solid thirty+ year career in computers / networking / security mostly enterprise level. My goal was to master the material and not only pass the exam.

    My summary is that CWNP has a top notch professional program for wireless professionals. I highly recommend that all companies have at least one CWNP professional level networking member on staff or as a consultant. In regards to the CWSP, today this is mandatory knowledge and experience to protect our networks and data.

  • My courses at Pluralsight? If yes that's super nice of you.

  • For a month now, I also recommend that management hire at least one professional-level member of the CWNP network

  • It seems to me that the most important thing is to use more practical tests of the book and an online test system. Even when it was swinging exams in humanitarian subjects, it was the tests that turned out to be the most useful. I also used as the basis for the preparation. The exam was about social issues, so the free essay examples were very helpful. After that exam I was already intrepid CWSP.

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