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    I've read the Sybex CWTS book several times and have a good understanding of the 802.11n certification as presented by the Sybex book. However, I started viewing the free online 802.11n amendment videos on this site and do not have this level of understanding or, at least not for a test.

    Does anyone know if the test expects that level of knowledge for 802.11n . I don't want specifics other, than to know if i'm ready for the exam or not.


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    The 802.11n video is straight from the CWNA class. CWTS does not go into that depth of detail.

  • I just got back from taking the CWTS and scored a 93% All I can say is the Sybex book and the practice test both online and the cd as well as the flashcards were an invaluable source of information. I read through the book twice as well as read through the CWNA book and did not stop studying till I knew every answer on the flash cards, practice test and every chapter review question.. The one thing Im glad I remembered during the test was DONT second guess yourself !!!

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    Congratulations! Excellent study plan and thanks for sharing!

  • Just passed the CWTS exam today with 80%. Used the CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-070 (CWNP Official Study Guides) book I purchased from Amazon.

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    Well done, Robert! On to CWNA?

  • Yes, a short break and then start working on my CWNA

  • After preparing for the CWTS exam using the TrainSignal CWNA CBT and some practice test questions from Sybex, I passed the test today with a score of 75%. I would like to take the CWNA in December.

    The snag here is that I do not have any hands-on experience with wireless devices apart from the wireless SOHO broadband device that I configured for home-based internet browsing and the bonus videos I watched on the TrainSignal CWNA CBT.

    Do I still have a lot to do in order to gain experience?

    How can I gain experience without "breaking the bank" ?

    You swift response is highly needed.



  • Find some Computer swap-meets, and buy several client adaptors, both old and new. Aim for an access point ot two also. Buy different brands. Used client adapters should go from abot $5 to $25, AP's shold be less than $30 maybe even $10.

    Install one client at a time, and try every possible setting, for security, short and long headers etc. With 2 AP's and just 3 clients, you should be able to have over a hundred combinations that you can try. Of course, some will not work - thats the idea. See what does and doesn't work and write it all down. Try a couple different OS's too.

    Dream up scenarios you might make for customers. Try at least one SSID on 2 AP's and see how well your devices roam with different settings. Set up a bridge link if you can.

    Use both the native utilities that came with the devices (you'll have to hunt for some of them), and also try it using only the device driver, and WZC. Try it with the wrong drivers

    Try your hand at Ad-Hoc connections, and static IP addresses. Youll' find you learn an awful lot this way.

    That's essentially how I started, and now I work for a major manufacturer on their wireless devices.

  • Very nice entry level test. I have been working exclusively with WiFi for the last 2 years. I have been operating my small WiFi business for about 1 of those years. I thought it might be worth a try to get certified in a few things.

    I can say that without a doubt the CWTS does have a solid foundation to start with in WiFi. The test material taught me a few things that I probably needed to know, but never came across (yet) in the field. The sybex book was an outstanding read. I am highly impressed with the fluidity of the learning materials.

    Years ago I had taken a few other IT certifications. These other certs were very theoretical and they really did not pertain too much to any practical applications that I had come across. Needless to say, the cert process left a bad taste in my mouth. CWNP appears to have reinforced (at least in my mind) the value of a good certification and what it can offer to an individual trying to become the best at their role in our wireless world.

    I just wanted to say thanks to the developers of this fine test, and I look forward to earning the CWNA and CWSP in the upcoming months. I also am leaning very heavily towards requiring that all of our Sales and Support people earn the CWTS at a minimum. It is a very good entry level cert.

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