CWDP & CWAP - Enterprise Wi-Fi Design & Analysis

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Design Trade Off Question
and 2 others
3 July 22
by Howard
Wi-Fi throughput collapses every ten seconds with Windows
and 3 others
28 July 16
by Howard
HT Protection Mechanism
and 0 others
0 July 13
by wshendi1
Good resources on fiber optics networking
and 7 others
8 July 12
by t rex game
MiMo Sector design - Settle a bet
and 2 others
4 July 10
by Huttleford
CWDP - E Learning
and 5 others
5 July 10
by Huttleford
Online testing
and 2 others
2 July 8
by jackabramsX
CWAP Study Strategy....looking for advice from the experienced
and 2 others
4 June 30
by ja8756voo
Passed CWDP-303
and 4 others
7 June 22
by royhaines123
Passed CWDP Today
and 3 others
4 June 9
by Xikandry
Access points and external antennas compatibility
and 2 others
4 May 20
by GLoria563
Wireless bridge with CDP support
and 0 others
0 May 13
by Tubby_Gold
Vendor selection Cisco VS Aruba
and 1 others
1 May 6
by richirichard
Band steering in High Density environment
and 1 others
1 May 5
by tommlevis
The Best Book for 802.11n
and 7 others
8 April 29
by royhaines123
New CWDP 302 Study Guide vs 250
and 6 others
10 April 19
by Thoviagi
High Channel utilization design/remediation
and 3 others
5 April 13
by susanahinw586
Difference between CWAP old and new book
and 3 others
5 March 5, 2020
by LillyStevenson
CWAP Exam - Blog - Feedback Needed
and 0 others
0 March 4, 2020
by Jeet11
30 days grace period
KeN Chung
and 1 others
1 February 12, 2020
by lindarose11
CWAP 403 Book - HT/OFDM vs OFDM Sub Carriers
and 2 others
3 February 12, 2020
by lindarose11
Watch out for "Draft" 802.11 radios
and 2 others
2 February 12, 2020
by lindarose11
CWAP-403 Kindle option
and 2 others
3 January 17, 2020
by JanVidar
Certitrek vs Sybex
and 7 others
7 December 15, 2019
by Jennie Malcolm
Warehouse design methodology
and 5 others
5 November 3, 2019
by lindarose11
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Success Stories

I literally just came out of the testing centre having taken the CWDP exam. The certification process opened my mind to different techniques and solutions. This knowledge can only broaden your perspective. Great job, CWNP, you have a great thing going on here.

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Working through the CWNP coursework and certifications helped not only to deepen my technical knowledge and understanding, but also it boosted my confidence. The hard work it took to earn my CWNE has been rewarding in so many ways.

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I want to commend you and all at CWNP for having a great organization. You really 'raise the bar' on knowing Wi-Fi well. I have learned a ton of information that is helping my job experience and personal career goals, because of my CWAP/CWDP/CWSP studies. Kudos to all at CWNP.

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