• I was just curious to see if we can stream a hd video with WEP encryption on an ssid. I streamed a hd video on wired side of an AP using VLC and then connected a wireless client and then tried to view the video and unfortunately i could not view the video. I tried the same with an open ssid and i am able to see the video. My AP is a 11ac AP and uses 80Mhz bandwidth in 5Ghz band. Configured channel as 36 with channel width of 80Mhz. what would be the probable reason for this? ┬áIs it because WEP will use lower data-rates?

  • By Howard - edited: June 26, 2017

    WEP is limited to the slower (<=54 Mbps) rates.

    WPA has been deprecated, and all new gear must be WPA2 certified.

    In addition, all new 802.11ac certs also require Management Frame Protection.

    You are going to need to use a WPA2 connection.

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