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    Wireless Security Goes on a Blind Date

    One foggy morning, Clyde met Bonnie on a blind date.

    ----Wireless client connecting to a Wireless station (STA): ADHOC Networking. IBSS

    Clyde and Bonnie wanted to make this a permanent relationship:

    -----(Infrastructure with Open Authentication in a BSS)

    Anytime Clyde and Bonnie went on a date, Bonnie had to get permission from her step dad.

    -----Client and Station access through the open association and authentication with a Wireless Access Point (WAP)

    The step dad carried a shotgun. Bonnie knew his weapon was not loaded. She told Clyde to fear no man.

    -----AP with WEP encryption

    Clyde in his love for Bonnie, learned how to circumvent the step dad by giving him a bottle of whiskey. He built up the nerve to send him the decoy.

    -----Cracking WEP

    That got a bit old. Bonnie's Mom caught on to what was going on and issued a verbal warning she was going to take over.

    However, prior to Bonnie?¡é?€??s Mom getting involved, the step dad took matters into his own hands and loaded his weapon with pellets.

    -----WEP with PASSPHRASE

    If Clyde tried to trick him with whiskey, the step dad would shoot him with the pellets. Otherwise, if Clyde did the right thing, he could pass.

    Clyde learned a way to avoid the pellets by putting on a bulletproof vest loaded with Whiskey Bottles.

    -----(Dictionary Attacks)

    Bonnie's Mom caught on, sobered up the step dad, and took his shotgun. She loaded it with hollow point ammo and waited on Clyde.

    -----WPA2 Personal (PSK)

    She warned Clyde not to manipulate the step dad. If they tried, she would bar them from seeing each other.

    She also told Clyde that, if he ever tried anything funny with Bonnie, she would END it all, RADICALLY!

    -----WPA2 Enterprise (RADIUS)

    Author Unknown

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