• This is my situation. I started studying for the CWNA at the end of March not knowing the the current exam was going to expired in June. Because lets say "life's complications (two children under the age of 3, current job, etc)" , it's taking me longer that I was expecting to study for the test. I would like to take the exam before the expires, but I'm not sure if i'm going to have enough time. Should I study the entire CWNA official study guide or should I just focus in studying the exam objectives? I know that the book has very good information on it but I'm afraid of not having the time to finished it and be ready before July.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thank you, 

  • That's a tough one.

    But I think I would have to stick to the original - study to the Objectives.

    Good luck

  • Why even worry about it. Study to the objectives and take your time with the study guide. They likely won't be changing a ton of material anyway.

    I say this because I am studying for the CWAP mainly but also the CWDP a bit, if they come out with a new test before I take it, no biggie. I will still have learned a lot of useful information and feel confident I could catch up on the new stuff fairly quickly.

    Learn the material well, you will not regret it.

  • I think studying to the Objectives is the only way to go - ever.

    But financial considerations DO affect the "ease" of taking an exam a second time.

  • Hi,

    Studying for exam objectives is good. But, do understand that you CANNOT just cover 2 lines each for EACH exam objective and pass the CWNA exam.

    Most of the bullet points present in exam objectives are very very vast and require significant explanation and understanding so that you can answer complex exam questions and appreciate the technology.

    I appeared for CWNA exam on 5-Apr-2014 and CWSP exam on 18-Apr-2014. I cleared both. I studied 3 hours per day from Feb-2014. For both, I ensured that I thoroughly go through the exam guide multiple times (not reading line by line every time except the first time and highlighting the stuff I felt important). If you read the exam guide it covers all the topics needed for exam with adequate information needed for the exam.

    Another thing to do would be to buy practice tests. There are good questions (240) there.

    As far as exam expiration is considered, dont be worried. There are no significant changes. I would suggest you continue to prepare as is. if you feel you need more time and the exam expires, just cover the deltas as needed.

    Lastly, dont take work, kids, family as burden in your preparation. Take them as your duty and channelize your time accordingly. Without preparing for exam, I used to sleep for 6.5 hours. I cut it down to 5 hours to take out 1.5 hour for my study. I took out 45 minutes from my 1 hour lunch. I took out 15 minutes from my television schedule. And I took out 30 minutes from my internet browsing and social media activities. Boom, I had 3 hours extra per day without affecting my regular life! The world would go on even if you dont show up on facebook, linkedin, chats, not reading all announcements and mails, etc. etc.

    Any other advice needed, please drop a question in the forum!

    Thanks and regards,

    Pravin Goyal 

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