Failed CWNA!

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  • Did not fail by much. Missed by three questions.
    I took a class @ a local CC. We used the official study guide. It was a 12 week course. I got an A- in the class. The instructor was a CWNA. He new his stuff. I only read the book once.

    My personal thoughts :
    1. I need to re-read the book
    2. Do a few basic labs and understand them
    3. Go throught all the practice exams and chapter review until you get @ least 95% correct

    After going through the class and reading on all of the forums. I didn't think that it was all that difficult.
    (Even though I failed)( I did not prepare enough )


  • No sweat man. I failed my first try. I know a few of my friends that failed the first try also. You got it. Make sure to understand each chapter exam essentials.

  • Ricardo,

    Run all four of the online tests, and any that came with the book. Make sure you get a 95% minimum on all of them, before you retry.

    The questions you take on your next exam will probably be a different set than those you already saw !

    Besides that, you'll learn the details even better.

  • Sorry to hear that. Don't feel bad, though. It's a very difficult exam. You'll get it next time.

  • Failed the CWNA twice, any suggestions for getting back on track.

  • Sure. What did u score on each section? Im sure we can help you.

  • failing is OK! That's how we learn. I failed the CWNA exam 3 times since 2008. I only passed last November. Now working on CWSP (in which i also failed the first 2 tries).

    The exam was really tough and that's the whole point of it or else everybody will have the cert if it is easy. Just continue reading the study guide and make sure get hands on real scenario experience.

    Never Give UP!!!!

  • I agree... I failed CWNA and CWDP. Try focusing on the sections you did not do so well on. I few of my have been wifi engineers for awhile and believed the CWNA would be a walk in the park.... It is not. There is a difference in being able to do the job and have the details memorized. You need both to past these tests.

    Hang in there, study it up.. you got it.

  • This is a video on how to Memorize 802.11n MCS values and Data rates for CWNA or CWDP

    Let me know if you have any questions. I remember when I began the task of memorizing these for the test.
    Do not memorize every one. You only have to memorize 4.


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