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    Passed with a 83% just a bit ago! Glad I have already read half of the CWDP, it probably helped. Plus I got a jump start on it.

    As already mentioned, study for the objectives, it helps a lot.

  • Congrats Neal!  Great score!  So, CWDP is next for you?  Keep us posted on study tips, questions, etc.

  • Thanks!

    I do like the CWDP info, however I may get sucked into the CWAP before I finish working on the DP. I will likely work on all 3 to some degree at the same time. I will probably work the SP a bit by doing other security certs as well, I just got the CASP sybex book and looking forward to it.


  • Well, you mentioned it and I agree...I honestly believe the best track after CWNA is the CWAP exam.  It is a very difficult test.  But, your preparation for this exam will build a solid foundation for CWDP or CWSP.  So, go for CWAP (yes, I would buy ALL the study materials and use them for cross-reference).  You mentioned to study to the test objectives, so be sure to do that.  One other reference:  Matthew Gast's 802.11 book (not his new 802.11 ac book...) is a great reference.  I did not buy it...but referenced it a lot online.  I think it would be a good complement to the CWAP study guide.  Keep us informed on your study progress and any tips you find helpful.

  • Hi there. I just passed my CWNA earlier this week (UK) too and are so proud of it and looking to move on to the next level. I just assumed CWSP was the next level BUT it looks as though you feel the analyst level is the route to take, yes? Why is that? 

    many thanks in advance.


    ps also i did the CWTS and the CWNA and in bot exams there were a bunch of questions that were not in any way in the study material. The guy at the test centre said he was not surprised and that he gets cisco ccna exam people saying the same. So why is this? Are the exams out of sync with the material or what ?

  • Hey Rol,

    Congrats on passing!

    I don't think there is any definite next level to go for, all 3 are of more or less equal level. If you are into security, perhaps that might be the route for you to go. I do some security but design and analysis is what interest me more so I will go that route.

    The reason you saw material on it that was not specifically covered, is because the study material only covers the objectives, not everything. I didn't really see anything in my exam that wasn't at least hit on in the Sybex book I got. This is the reason the tests are so difficult, they make you learn the subject thoroughly. The good thing is, you knew it well enough to pass and that is commendable.

  • Yes, I will emphasize again (as will many, many others at CWNP...) Study to the test objectives!  The written study guide books are good....but knowing the study guides are not the way to pass the exam.  Basically what I do is, copy the pdf for the test objectives (found on the CWNP site, depending on the exam you are taking)  to a Word file, then add my own notes to the test objectives (Notes from the study guide, yes.  But also notes from other web sources, vendor sites, white papers, etc).  This document then provides a great study guide.  It also lets you reference over and over again the test objectives and you can update this document as you come across more information.  My thought is this:  if I can read the test objective, then answer it thoroughly in my own words, then I know that objective.

    One of the reasons I suggest taking the CWAP exam after the CWNA exam is, that other CWNEs on this site have suggested that precise course of study.  Their reasoning is, CWAP builds a base foundation of the individual packet/frame in 802.11 and provides an excellent basis for the other two exams (CWSP, CWDP).  No, this is not a hard and fast rule (I took CWSP second, actually).   But since other WLAN experts have suggested it, I am passing on what I have heard from others.  Just be sure to study to the test objectives (another friendly reminder...).  CWAP is the longest of all the exams (time frame for testing) and is a very difficult test.  If you feel good after passing the CWNA, you will be jumping for joy after passing the CWAP!!!

    If you are not planning on going towards CWNE and want security only, then obviously, take the CWSP next,

    As always, keep us posted as to your questions and study tips. And,  after you pass an exam, give us all a brief study methodology you used to pass the exam.  That will be an encouragement and help to all who regularly check into the CWNP forums.

  • Thanks Neil. Much appreciated.

    I've got a few certs now, from different organisations but none make me feel as good as getting them from the CWNP Programme. I had a nightmare with comptia of late. the support and response from the CWNP folk have been outstanding, and yet again another reason that I wish to continue and get more of their quals.

    I guess I'll check out the various different certs and studies before I choose next. security isn't my biggest thing as it happens. Im often found walking the corridors with metageeks chanalyzer which is much more interesting to me. Been trying to get finance to allow me to buy the airpcap device aka £500 to allow me to use wireshark as a wifi protocol analyser but its falling on deaf ears! Oh well....the ultimate enemy of IT ;>)

    cheers again mate


  • Gcate's advice, on both the cert order, and his test method (which I hope to use on the CWDP), sound great to me.

    I also took the  CWSP for my second cert, but If I had them to do over again, I would take the CWAP second.    That was my original plan, but that was before they removed the original CWAP.   At that point in time the only cert left, beside the CWNE, was the CWSP.   The CWDP hadn't been created yet.

    My recommendation, for a variety of reasons, would also be to finish them all as quiclky as you can - unfortunately, I wasn't able to.  

  • Ok. I'm going to look at both of them options. Cheers for the advice my friend. 

    As for finishing them as fast as you can..uuuuuum. We are a tech team of 3 looking after 1000 laptops/pcs + a full vanilla 2012 server env', exchange, sql, plus the voip system etc etc network etc etc... my friend... I have a lovely bookshelf of books Id love to read, rather than what I am reading i.e. the next upgrade procedure ha ha. The exams are all of what IT has always been i.e. by the time we have passed them technology as moved on. The CWNA exam focus on a,b,g and N, i.e no mention of AC. when the next version of the exam appears it will work on AC, only 802.11ad will be about by then (ok agreed not the same thing ;>) but you get my picture. 

    Thats the way it goes hey buddy :>)

    take care mate


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