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    I re-read all your comments in this thread and again got confused with your two statements. Which are:

    1. On to your multicast situation. Yes, if your AP is in protection, it will transmit a CTS-to-Self at the appropriate DSSS data rate and then transmit the multicast data frame at whatever OFDM data rate is appropriate for the PHY, up to 54Mbps.

    2. "In the absence of a PCF, when broadcast or multicast MPDUs are transferred from a STA with the To DS field clear, only the basic access procedure shall be used. Regardless of the length of the frame, no RTS/CTS exchange shall be used."

    The first says cts-to-self will be transmitted.
    The second says no rts/cts for multicasting.

    I am curious to know any references for it.


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