• hello to every 1...a thing that is confusing me that

    1) is there any relationship b/w ofdm and line of sight? mean if we use OFDM than do we need line if sight...plzz put some light on it?

    i took this q's from given lines below that i read on some website

    "BreezeMAX is Alvarion's award-winning WiMAX platform designed from the ground up according to the IEEE 802.16 standards and uses OFDM technology for advanced non-line-of-sight (NLOS) functionality. Since its launch in mid-2004, BreezeMAX has been successfully deployed in over 180 installations in more than 80 countries around the world".

  • well i dont think so...for indoor communications we never care for LOS while we use any technology...but for outdoor link, we always take care of the LOS whether it is OFDM or DSSS...

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