• Wow....I feel like I need to go re-read the CWNA study guide!! The exam definitely tests your ability to differentiate between what is the right answer and what could be the right answer. My prep process was reading the CWNA guide along with the other recommended reading and spending time with the practice questions. Most importantly, it was the detailed answers that pushed me to go back to the study guide and other material to gain more insight. Thanks to all those who post to this forum!! Off to CWSP la-la land....

  • Well done Robert! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your prep and exam experience. What's next?

  • Congratulations Robert.

    The CWSP can be even more of a challenge. Keeping all the various Keys, messages, etc, straight can be very confusing. If you can get time with any Radius servers, your time will not be wasted.

    You didn't ask, but I'd like to recommend Jim Geiers book [u]Implementing 802.1x Security Solutions[/u] for a lot of good information. I wouldn't have passed the CWSP without it.


  • @Kevin...the CWSP is next, already begun to read the text and related information. Looking to sit the exam in 30-60 days.

    @Wlanman...Thank You!! I will take your advice to heart and began this CWSP journey very motivated. I will look to pick up that book shortly...thanks again!

  • Good job, Robert!

    Huh, that reminds me: CWSP exam tomorrow. I feel ready, so no need to wish me good luck =D

  • Congrats, Robert! Fortunately, the CWNA lays a lot of the foundation for the CWSP. It always helps when the material is familiar, so if you understand the CWNA material you'll do great.

    Luis -- I won't wish you good luck, but I'll say "boa sorte, meu amigo -- o exame via ser facil demais!"

  • Wow @@ron, are you brazilian or portuguese?? =D

    So, I know its off topic but I'll post here so it can be helpful to Robert, who is studying for CWSP. I just passed the exam with 93%!!! It's a really good exam. One thing that helped me a lot were the CWNP practice exams. They really feel like the real exam, unlike the ones from Sybex that have some nonsense questions. Good luck on your studies!

  • Congratulations to all!!!! Well done.

  • @Luis...Congratulations and excellent job on the exam! I'm definitely looking forward to all prep and sitting the exam sometime next month.

  • Thanks guys!

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