• No divine voices here, although I do have mil/nasa experience in rf communication and now I'm the tech guy this area largest wisp. If I pay attention I learn something every day, even from newbiest people I meet.

    - You said,

    "The problem I have with that reasoning is that you can install an entire network of WAPs that can be Meshed, but use UTP to connect them back to the controller."

    - if you are using utp to go back to their controller from an then they wouldn't be a mesh topology

    Looking at your graph, I believe you are showing only one radio link, in a mesh generally each client station communicates with the AP at one freq / band / channel, and then be converted to the mesh freq / band /channel

    the mesh while using rf  to communicate with each other (ie backhaul) also have the distinction of a 2nd radio to function as an ap at 2.4Ghz. although dual-bands are widely used. some early version used the same radio for the ap and the mesh with expected low thoroughput

    for instance, we use Omni directional attenaes (skypilot) that "mesh" using a 5ghz proprietary protocol, the first one connects to our switch and is called a gateway. 

    - Only the gateways have a lan port on them,  we could link two gateways to form a switch but that would be foolish with Omni's.

    we can the put another on (repeater) further away, and it's two hops away from my switch.  We don't want anymore than two hops.

    Some of our customers at the ever expanding outer edges of our coverage area require the gateways to be set farther out so we us a pair of highly directional dishes as a bridge over to it from our main switch (office), the bridge serves no other function than to carry the signal over a distance because running a cable isn't feasible. the gateway needs the cable coming out from the bridge,

    I realize my explanation isn't clear but if you could see my hands move you would understand ;)

  • I wanted to thank everyone for their replies; particularly Jim, who made an extra effort to talk it out with me; and Tom, who as best I can tell WOULD be in the V.O.G. category.

    I have to admit that PERSONALLY I think the question makes an overly fine distinction, but of course, that becomes a Po-TAY-To / Po-TAH-To issue and was never the point to begin with.

    The point being the TEST and getting the CORRECT answers.

    I feel that I now have some insight into the thought process behind the questions, which will HOPEFULLY allow me to avoid these sort of pitfalls when I take the actual test.

    So, thanks again.

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