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    The new 6 GHz band has been released for Wifi 6, and with it comes some new rules of operation. For the LPI (Low Power Indoor) class, the client are required to emit 6 dB below the AP's EIRP.

    I always tried to avoid power mismatch with all the other 802.11 standard (typically by not putting maximum power level on controller), because it leads to situations where clients can hear the AP, but the latter cannot hear the client.

    I'm afraid that this kind of situation could happens with the new WIFI 6E, what are your thoughts on the matter ?



  • The "6dB lower" is based on the the maximum EIRP limits for LPI of AP and client device.    

    LPI max. for the AP = 5dBm/MHz.  This translates to 18dBm@20MHz, 21dBm@40MHz, 24dBm@80MHz, 27dBm@160MHz.  These max. EIRP's are already too high for proper multi-AP deployments.  You wouldn't set AP's to this high of power anyway.  

    LPI max. for the Client = 12dBm@20MHz, 15dBm@40MHz, 18dBm@80MHz, 21dBm@160MHz.  

    You can see, it's a non-issue.  Because these are maximum limits and in real practice, in a multiple AP deployment you wouldn't have these AP's set this high anyway (most AP's don't even go that high).  You can certainly reduce the AP to a lower power setting, even lower than the client devices if you wanted to for some strange reason.  The 6dB difference is not a requirement, it's just the maximum is 6dB less, which you never set an AP to anyway.  

    All the best!


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