• A couple years ago WUSB looked like it was coming on strong.

    Fry's Electronics carried several manufacturers gear and several of the companies sold kits with multiple USB adaptors and a Hub at exceptionally good (sounding) prices.

    Individually the device prices weren't great, but the kits more than made up for it. I seem to remember Belkin and IO-Gear both having some. The only things I've found now start in the $200 range.

    I want to connect my USB printer wirelessly, and don't have an AP (in this instance) to connect through.

    Thanks !


  • Thanks Kevin.

    I had not looked at those pages in the last year. Unfortunately, I still don't see much there for WUSB newer than about 2007.

    There is a 2010 page for WUSB 1.1.

    What I was hoping to find was a page like the WFA for certified devices, but did not find one. There are some member only pages that I could not get into.

    Several years ago, Fry's was the place to go if you wanted to see the widest selection of equipment. They seemed to have 3 - 10 times what CompUSA (which is not around anymore) used to have. Like I said, I haven't found anything reasonable online.

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