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    GTHill> 256 users of what per AP? Ping? Maybe...
    >No real data... it has been proven many times check this out
    As suggested by Devinator read the Novarum report

    GTHill> The protocol doesn't break at any user number
    > yes and no the problem is the collisions, the more you have users the more you have collisions, the more you have to re xmit the packets and your bandwidth goes down, down ....

    Meru, Xirrus> the best choice for density
    Ruckus> it's a toy doesn't scale to enterprise level
    Aerohive> just a concept that works ok in the lab but they haven't shown any decent enterprise deployment
    Aruba, Cisco Trapeze etc.. when it comes to density they are limited by their MAC implementation no more than 20 users per AP as truly said by GTHill ;) and they can't manage co-chanel interference


    Hate to bring up an old post but there's something amiss here.

    1) oops, disregard. :(

    2) The claims Aruba can't handle more than 20 clients is a surprise to me. I've used it in dense (i.e. 1 to 1 tablet environment) user environments for 5+ years now. If it's not working then I need to go let our 9,000+ users know their wireless isn't working. Perhaps they can read it in an email while using the wireless!!! :) When it comes to dense client device environments, very, very few people have the day to day environment we're running in our environment (on Aruba too!!!).

  • For high densities like that I would suggest Meru as well. With them you can setup several totally overlapping networks. As you know Meru is a single channel virtual network, so you setup multiples of them all on separate channels. For example you can setup 3 b/g networks on 1,6,11 for legacy or maybe even a 11n on 2.4G and a dozen or so 11n on the 5Ghz range. I would not worry about 40Mhz on this since you have too many people for high speed access, honestly that location would have to have a OC12 or the like to handle that much internet surfing.

    If you tried to do a pico cell deployment you would NEED to control client power some how, CCX or limited the AP rate set to ONLY high speed rates might work.

    If you are really interested in it get a few vendors to do a bake off....if you do I would LOVE to come watch. 8^)


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