• After the release of the iPad info a few days I was curious which chip will be "the" radio released with the new gadget. After all, since I just passed the CWNA exam last Wednesday what better way to impress my friends than with a lengthy one-way discussion on the benefits of multiple radio chains in a hand held device, right?

    It doesn't appear Apple has announced any new chip purchases and the rock solid Broadcom BCM4329 looks destined to be released with the iPad. The BCM4329 is a single radio chip advertised to "max" out at 50Mbps. Here's a link is anyone is really interested in the details on the chip:

    This chip is the 802.11n chip used in the iPod Touch.

    I understand the need for saving battery power in a (pseudo) hand held device but with WMM how much power loss differential would be expected with 4x4 assuming you are using a WMM capable AP at home/work? I mean, Apple just released the first consumer-available, 4x4 capable AP last month. What a nice feature would be is if the new iPad had 4x4 capability and not just 1x1.

  • Kenk,

    Why would you ever need 4x4 mimo on the iPad? I cannot see any scenario where you would need a throughput of 100-150Mbps on that sort of hardware.

    And even if the iPad would make use of dynamic MIMO power-save the algorithms in the iPad need to be quite intelligent to know when it is really useful to activate additional radio chains to get a higher throughput. I'm sure that you would complain more if the battry life was short rather than that it can't handle MCS7+, wouldn't you? :)

    Also, if the hw/sw were 4x4 capable the price of the iPad would be higher of course.


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