• I always thought that the name you used for the SSID in a workgroup setting had to be the same as the name of the workgroup. For example, if your computers belong to a workgroup named MYNETWORK then your SSID had to be MYNETWORK. I can't remember where I read it but I have it pretty firmly in my mind that this is how it *has* to be set up.

    Now I'm hearing that the two are totally unrelated. If the SSID can be unrelated to the workgroup name, where do you configure your computer to be part of the WLAN with the SSID?

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  • You would configure that in the client software setup...if I am understanding you. The only place you should have to configure the SSID is in the client software, whatever type that may be.

    That help any?

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    Ok...but I just can't remember *where* I read that the workgroup name and ssid had to match.

  • Maybe you read that the SSID is like a WorkGroup.


  • Could be. It's about the only thing I can think of. Must have had a senior moment...unfortunately, not only did I have it at work...I had it in writing. (now where did I leave that "embarressed" emoticon?)

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    The SSID & Workgroup name has no connection. SSID is only used to identify your wireless network, it has nothing to do with Workgroup names. You have to set SSID in your Wireless router or your accesspoint and also on your wireless card .

  • The mandate that a wireless station's workgroup name and SSID must be the same sounds like an administrative directive and not a functional one. It's probably a rule used to make administration of the WLAN a bit easier by having a station always connect to an AP wth the same SSID string as the station's workgroup name.

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