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    I have some questions for you seasoned wireless veterans out there.

    I have been assigned a wireless project and would like some feedback regarding hardware.

    The responsibility I have is as follows:

    1. Wireless is wanted in the auditorium for HTTP and Email traffic
    2. Number of users unknown (ESTIMATE 20)
    3. No current Cabling in place
    4. Security is an issue

    -I was thinking POE WAP's or WAP, are they cost effective for this project?
    Which brands would be compatible with B and G and provide adequate security? (This will be an uncontrolled environment regarding Mobile user Cards)
    **Mixed environment (B & G)

    -How many users could you have on a WAP using HTTP and Email only? I am looking for a recommendation from past experience.

    -Site Survey / Interference Testing: How would I do a cost effective survey and test for interference?
    What software and hardware could you recommend?

    I was informed I could put the cost of the survey and testing equipment into the proposal.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Not a veteran just a googler: This might be helpful

    Different scenarios here that may provide you a quick look at some of the applications/configurations to use.

    There are plenty of vendors outthere that offer you more or less of what you are trying to do. I try to remain "Vendor Neutral".

    But I really like a centralized switching deployment like Aruba. They offer the untethered, secure access you are looking for.

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    Follow up to my first reply:

    Question, on your deployment area. Is how large is the auditorium? Where are you getting your "pipe" (cable, DSL, T-1, Satellite) is it close?

    Are you thinking about expanding this to other areas / users in other buildings?

    Things to consider, but if this is a one time deal with the max number of stationary users (20) one- two APs should work fine and give you the coverage you need.

    Aruba's solution is meant for expanded coverage areas. It is a good solution for buildings where levels of coverage and mobility is grater than one room.

    Remember in mixed mode b (11 Mbps)/g (54 Mbps) the lower data rate (11 Mbps) is reverted to. What you'll get is halfduplex between 4 to 5.5 Mbps.

    ***Always conduct a site survey! *** It might seem trivial, but you never know what obstacle are in the way.

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    Question, on your deployment area. Is how large is the auditorium?

    -The capacity is 300+ people, exact size is unknown at this point. High Ceilings.

    Where are you getting your "pipe" (cable, DSL, T-1, Satellite) is it close?

    -T1, we have multiple IDF's all swiched by cisco.
    What are the limits on POE? (MAX RUN LENGTH)

    Requirements are:
    Open Access to HTTP and Email traffic.
    (USERS are visitors)

    Mobility in this Installation is not required.

    AP's that are very friendly regarding different Radio cards that will connect from PDA's to Laptops.

    Need to segment from current LAN for security purpose.

    ***I am looking into AirMagnet products for Site survey and security tools for future implementations.

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    poe limit is 100 meters.

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