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    I am student in a university and it uses WEP encryption which is not safe. Are there any additional methods which can be added to make it a more secure network.

    I have read something bout a wireless key generator does it provide any additional security?

    Please answer.

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    Wireless network is on 3 floor of the library and the weakest signal is on the ground floor. Once in a blue moon it works properly and most of the times its a pain in the ass. Could any one of you suggest what the problem might be????

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    The paper in the books, plus the physical structure of the library bookshelves (wood , metal), the concrete walls , floors are attenuating the signal and you have deadspots.

    Another site survey would be in order. It will allow you to see the strength of the signal currently. Then you will know where to place more APs or directional antennas in the mix to strengthen the coverage in the library in the isles, around the bookshelves, etc.


    Look at 802.1x (dynamic WEP) TKIP, it is a bit better for your network, and if you are really concerned about security WPA (AES), 802.11i.


    A firmware upgrade may be in order for your AP, it depends on the brand and radio AP you are using. CISCO, DLINK, PROXIM? 802.11 a/b/g ?

    Adding security to any wireless network will slow down your throughput considerably, but it may save you headaches when access to privacy is an issue.


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    AP is from Avaya based on 802.11b standard. Is any upgrade firmware avaiable and what exactly is the purpose of this firmware?????

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    Take a look at this url:

    Is this the type of AP you are using?

    If so, you are using radio cards correct?

    The card may need an update to handle the encryption , if the AP supports the card you are using.

    Firmware can help (90%) and sometimes it can hurt (10%). Firmware is a tool that update parameters and settings on the device, much like the service packs from MicroSoft (ex SP1/SP2). They are software upgrades to the devices.

    Here is a link to Avaya firmware, scroll down to Wireless LAN and you will see a list of downloads depending on your AP or PC card.

    Also contact their customer service dept, they may have a better answer than what I have suggested.

    Hope this helps some...


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    Yeh i am pretty sure the radio cards are correct as there are only 8 avaialble in the library and they all are avaya.,5215759,5215766,5215796,5215825/ProduktId/5449058/TabId/4

    this is the card which is being used. and i am not sure bout the access point model but they look pretty similar to the picture which you have sent in tthe LINK.

    according to me this is not the AP as it is only based on 802.11b and its not compatible with 802.11a and 802.11g standards.

    If its something to do with the encryption how come it works on other floors? and not on the ground? and its dodgey on the ground?

    Is 802.11g any better then 802.11b ?

    Pleas answer,

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    You should consider yourself lucky if you've got a wireless network on the third floor of a building and it works anywhere outside the third floor.

    RF coverage can fluctuate due to many different dynamics. Only a good site survey can tell what you should be able to expect from your wireless network and, even then, the site survey is only as good as the day it was made. Changes in the environment can alter RF characteristics drastically. People, new office equipment or furniture, construction, interferring RF from neighboring APs, microwaves, power outages, failing equipment, dogs and cats living together (wait, that's from Ghostbusters).... all these things and more will possibly alter your WLAN.

    The key here is that if you really want wireless on other floors, then you'll need to design your WLAN that way. This means doing (or re-doing) the site survey to include the new areas of desired coverage. Then more APs will need to be added and security, throughput, and capabilities will need to be designed as appropriate.

    Being that you're a student in this location, you probably don't have the ability to do all this but you could certainly recommend to the "owners" of that network that the students are requesting better coverage. Maybe they'd even let you volunteer to assist to get some hands-on experience during the upgrade.

    For more information on how to do all the above, I highly recommend checking out the CWNA and CWSP Study Guides or attending the classes.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks for reply JoelB

    Thats what exactly what i am trying to do. I am tryin to design this new WLAN theoritically as a part of my MSc project so that i can learn and reccomend somethin better?

    I hope they let me volunteer as i would love this oppurtunity. Regarding that i will have a word wid my network manager once i have finshed this project and has come up with somethin new.

    and i think you are right that this WLAN needs to be replaced as its good for nuthing

    1. most of the times it doesnt work
    2. they use mac filtering as they only have 8 wireless cards which is a pain

    Where can CWNP boooks from?? Where can i attend the classes? is there any in west midlands area in UK?

    Could you please give me some insite into bandwith and throughput for the WLAN's??

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi is 802.x the securest?
    or IPSec with VPN
    please advice.

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