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    can roaming be provided on dual radio i.e if AP has 802.11b and 802.11g capabilties at the same time?

    Can AP to AP roaming be provided?

    Can the antenna's be used to provide roaming between two buildings across the roads? provided there are several thick walls?

    Could anyone explain the technical side of it with the AP and antenna placement? and IP subnets?

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    i would say yes, as "g" is backward-compatible with "b". this brings up a great point someone else posted before: if one client out of the area operates "b", with everyone else "g", does everyone ratchet down to "b" speeds? i do not know the answer to that one, but can look it up.

    ap-to-ap roaming? sure. no problem.

    too many variables. not sure i would like my network open to the public like that.

    it is prefered that you run your aps on one subnet, regardless of their physical location, simply for this purpose. put all aps on one vlan and one subnet.

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    So could you please look it up for me and i am sorry i did not get the answer for weather romaing across the road can be provided as two buildings are across the opposite ends of the road in between?

    Can AP's be on the same IP subnet even of they are placed across the raods? What about the network design?? how is it possible? could you please give me some technical details for this??


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    reason it is not a good idea to roam in-between buildings is security. someone can just sit outside and sniff your network.

    regarding vlans, routing and the like, you will need to study up on those topics. you can have one particular vlan throughout the enterprise, in multiple physical locations. these will be "connected" via the switching and routing fabric.

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    But then that again ... i.e. AP's across the buildings will be an insecure option??
    Is that what you want to say sir?

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    it is inherently insecure because anyone outside can sit down and sniff the waves, gathering information for a potential hack or attack.

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