• Has anyone used the WRT43GX? Does it work as advertised? I bought the Linksys WRV54G Wireless-G VPN Router and thought it was a piece of crap.I am not sure about buying another high priced wireless router from linksys.

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    Buy a Linksys WRT54G WiFi router for $60 and then $20 bucks for the open source Sveasoft Alchemy firmware. It will turn your WRT54G into a monster.

    Some of the features added with the open source firmware includes:

    Hotspot portal
    PPTP VPN server
    Two-way bandwidth management (includes P2P, VoIP, IM)
    SSH client and server
    Startup, firewall, and shutdown scripts
    WDS repeater mode
    Client mode (support multiple attached devices)
    Adhoc mode
    OSPF routing
    RIP2 routing
    Power boost to 251 mw
    Antenna select
    Static DHCP address assignments
    Additional DDNS support
    Wireless MAC address clone
    VLAN support (hardware only)
    WPA over WDS
    WPA/TKIP with AES
    Client mode WPA
    Client isolation mode
    P2P blocking/bandwidth management (Gnutella, Kazaa, etc)
    Port triggering
    Remote syslog
    Remote Ntop statistics
    Safe backup and restore
    Reset on firmware upgrade
    Status includes system uptime and load average
    Status for wireless clients and WDS
    Site survey
    Remote NTP server support
    Supports new WRT54G V2.2 and WRT54GS V1.1 models

    There are also other open source firmware projects for the same Linksys router called WiFiBox and HyperWRT but I have never tested those.



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    You can try Openwrt on the WRT54s.
    It is an open source project (not as Sveasoft) and it can do all you need, or just what you need !

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