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    BlueSocket acquired a new AP and it is a product of this company (Extricom), looks interesting.

  • L3 vendors (EWG) are trying to become L2 vendors (WLAN Switch) so as to take advantage of the edge filtering and authentication. Natural step toward merging wired/wireless edge security.

  • Bluesocket's AP is not an OEM of Extricom.

    Curtis Waters

  • Thanks for clearing that up Curtis! Welcome to the forum!


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    Thanks curtiswaters. I appreciate the correction. Glad to see a Bluesocket representative on the forum as well. I posted this over a year ago and my how has technology has changed. I remember when Bluesocket only offered the wireless gateways (controllers). Now they offer a plethora of great wireless gear.

    If I am correct , Bluesocket now offers new wireless products not limited to, the MIMO enabled AP (BSAP 1700) and the Outdoor Wireless Bridge with WDS (client access) (BSAP 1600).

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