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    I found this confusing question on some web sites:

    Which spread spectrum technologies exhibit resistance to narrowband RF interference
    by design?

    in the SG:
    1. As is the case with all
    spread spectrum technologies, frequency hopping systems are resistant?¡é?€?¡±but not
    immune?¡é?€?¡±to narrow band interference.
    2.A DSSS signal is more
    susceptible to narrow band interference than FHSS because the DSSS band is much
    smaller (22 MHz wide instead of the 79 MHz wide band used by FHSS) and the
    information is transmitted along the entire band simultaneously instead of one frequency
    at a time.

  • The key in the question is: "by design?". The answer is FHSS. Although not really used anymore except in legacy systems, FHSS is the most resistant to narrowband interference. DSSS and OFDM have to be somewhat resistent to narrowband interference, but their main design goal was more speed.

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