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  • Does anybody know of sources for information on vendors' recommendations for maximum users per AP? I have only been able to find very limited information on this topic.

    I seem to recall that there is at least one person on this forum who is connected to Linksys. If he or she could get in touch with me, Linksys is one of the vendors that I'm considering.


  • seems like I always heard 25-30 users.
    Found this exerpt from a Cisco document...

    Defined User Areas and Densities

    The topic of user density has been brought up many times in this book. As stressed prev-iously, defining user areas and densities is a crucial part of the design and must be on the minds of design engineers and survey engineers at all times. The overall performance of the WLAN system depends on proper user density.

    There have been surveys based on nothing but user density. At one very large software company, the buildings were all built in a very similar manner, and with identical internal design and contents. All cubicles were identical, all office construction was identical, and the number of users in a given area was very similar.

    For this customer, it was decided that the applications used by nonengineering employees would permit between 20 and 25 users per AP. This provided adequate performance for normal operational network load. The engineers, however, required a bit more perform-ance, and the user density was lowered to between 10 and 15 users per AP.

    ...full text is located here:

  • Hi,

    try their WAP-4000

  • I suppose the bandwidth rate the users connect with would also factor into this consideration? Hence the reason why it is difficult to find concrete numbers. My thinking here is that an AP configured to accept only 5mbps connections can handle more associations that one configured to accept 54mbps connections?


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