• Intel 3945abg cards do not currently work with Trapeze WLAN controllers.

    A CWNA and CWNE brought this to my attention today, and I confirmed it in the batcave. The problem is that the Intel card is not incrementing the MPDU and/or MMPDU sequence numbers properly (sometimes not at all). If a sequence number repeats, the frame is dropped by the AP (and rightfully so), so you can never get connected. I tested this using a Trapeze MX-8 with the latest 5.x code. The Intel 3945abg card has the latest v10.x driver and client utility directly from Intel's website.

    The CWNE is contacting Intel asap about getting a beta driver fix for this. Hopefully after it's tested, they'll post the new version to their website. Atheros client chipsets work like a champ with the Trapeze.


  • hi,

    I have the same problem.
    I have the Nortel System = Trapeze

    I tried the newest driver, most of the time it will not connect to the AccessPoint.
    Sometimes it may work.

    Is there a solution?


  • I'm happy to check, but I don't think so.


  • nortel wlan switch is from trapeze??

  • yes, Nortel rebrands Trapeze.

    I also just found out that Trapeze is "fixing" this problem by changing their code to ignore MPDU and MMPDU sequence numbers.... basically, they're doing it correctly now, but have decided to purposefully break their gear in order to accomodate a broken Intel product.

    Intel is aware of the problem, and is working on an update.

    Cisco...if you can believe this...already knew about the problem and made sure their product didn't look at sequence numbers so it would be compatible with Intel's broken stuff.

    This sucks. There are multiple reasons that the 802.11 standard implements sequence numbers...


  • I upgraded my Trapeze MX's to about a month ago. The Intel 2200+ nic'c work well will without changing the Power Management settings.

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