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    I'm trying to find a training class in the Boston area early April, and I'm running into places that offer CWNA classes for Cisco. I believe that this certification is completely different from the Sybex CWNA governed by test PW0-100. Am I right, or wrong? Do any trainers know of any classes in the Boston area in early April?


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    When you say "running into places", I think you mean "seeing advertisements", no? Call the center. Ask the facts. There is only one "CWNA" exam, and that's PW0-100.

    There is no "Sybex CWNA". Sybex has published a CWNA Study Guide, as has McGraw-Hill (the "official" guide), and Course Technologies.

    Please don't confuse the books as each pointing to its own exam. One exam, many classes, several study guides.

    Finally, you can find *authorized* training here:

    There are many training companies who offer WLAN Admin training and may even advertise "CWNA" training, but are not authorized to do so. We call these folks "rogue trainers". Some are good, some are terrible, but none are authorized and none uses CWNT instructors nor the official materials.

    I hope this helps. If not, please clarify. This is a very important issue.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for your reply. I did check this sites training link, but was
    disappointed to only see official training sites in 11 states, none of which are my own state of MA. Sorry for confusing the Sybex text, but I'm glad I made the mistake because you made me aware of two other study resources.


  • You might want to consider an online course. Rick Murphy (vLogic) offers one.

  • I agree with Casey - Rick's online classes are superb. Rick is our primary courseware author, so obviously he knows what he's doing. He's a CWNE, CWNT, and one of our Roundtable members.


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