• I had a conversation with the CEO of a large camp regarding deploying a mesh wifi network for staff, etc. on a 100+ acre, heavily wooded site. He said something about wifi being harmful to bees, and I laughed thinking it was a joke. he was serious, so I googled wifi and bees and saw that there is active discussion about the effect of wireless networks on bees. Has anyone encountered this?

    Here is a link to a study of over 400,000 cell phone users that did not show an increased rate of cancer.


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    The Wi-Fi bee story must be true. In the 1990's, Africanized bees, also called killer bees began crossing over the Mexican border into the USA. The popular story was that a hybrid strain bee called Apis mellifera was derived from experiments to cross European and African honey bees by a mad bee scientist named Warwick Estevam Kerr. Supposedly, several queen bees escaped his laboratory into South America and spread into the USA.

    In reality, Nazi's living in Argentina developed a proprietary version of Wi-Fi that kills bees in a plot to deprive the world of honey. The Nazi plot backfired because the proprietary Wi-Fi does not affect honey bees. There are however 20,000 species of bees and the proprietary Wi-Fi evidently makes many of them sick including bumblebees from South America. The bees have been migrating to the USA to escape the killer Wi-Fi.

    Luckily, the bees found a happy home is the USA for many years because of the widespread use of 802.11b (bee) technologies.

    Recently pre-802.11n products have been sold into the SOHO market space. It is my suspicion that Nazi engineers have somehow infiltrated the IEEE 802.11n task group and have implemented some of the "killer bee" Wi-Fi technology into the forthcoming 802.11n standard. I also suspect that they have enhanced this destructive technology to now also affect the beloved honeybee.

    It looks like we will indeed have faster Wi-Fi but it will not be backwards compatible with honey.

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    The reason bees are dying, is the fluoridation of water
    poisoning people and animals, coupled with genetic
    modifcations and trans-genetic mutations, from scientists
    such as putting a pesticide gene inside corn (so that
    catterpillars die when they eat the leaves) or putting fish
    genes inside tomato skins (so that cold doesn't wrinkle them, etc.)

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    Cognio now includes bee detection technology in their Layer 1 spectrum analysis tool. In large bee populations, such as those seen in bee hive colonies, the mass flapping of bee wings generate considerable vibrations that generally stabilize at about 612,500,000 times per second (i.e. 612.5 MHz). If you multiply 612.5 MHz times 4, you get 2,450,000,000 (i.e., 2450 MHz or 2.45 GHz). It's been determined that the harmonics coming from large populations of bees actually degrade RF in the 2.45 GHz spectrum.

    Cognio's bee detection methodology quickly identifies spectral harmonics coming from the bee hive out to about 150 feet (antenna dependent) and intelligently decodes it. With this knowledge, you can either avoid using degraded WLAN channels where bee hives exist or move or destroy the hive so it doesn't degrade your 802.11b/g WLAN performance.

    If you decide to destroy or move the hive, it is highly recommended you consult a professional pest control service. The bees will be in a highly aggitated state because .11b/g Wi-Fi frequencies and harmonics also tend to interfere with the colony's operation.


  • This is about more than just wireless and pest control.

    It's about a vast production shortage of wild berries,
    apples, pears, peaches and similar fruit production
    that depends on pollenization from the bees and hives,
    that will disappear in short order.

    Recall what wireless (phone) did to the OJ Simpson's lawyer,
    Cochrane ...he used his mobile phone with such frequency
    that it have him a terminal brain cancer, near his ears.

    Be careful with this wireless stuff.

  • I would caution all on the use of older FH gear. It's combination of higher power and rapidly changing frequency has a very detrimental effect on the bees. The FH equipment creates more of a wide band range of harmonics - effectively a form of white noise. This white noise has a calming effect on the bees, slowing their movements and a form of lethargy descends on the the hive - they appear sleepy.
    For bees, their hive's survival depends on their high level activity (from which we derive the phrase "busy as a bee"). With continued exposure, the hive will gradually starve to death. It is recommended that these systems get migrated to other technologies.
    There are a number of government grants for further research, such as on the effects of Bluetooth (analysis of class 1, as it also transmits at 20dBm - and 2 and 3 which use much lower power levels), Ultra wide band, and 802.11n (little is known on n's effects). For more information on how you too can apply for these grants (often exceeding $50,000, depending on scope of studies) - please contact Matthew Lesko.

  • well friend few days ago i also read an article & it says that honeybees irradiated with mobile phone base station radiation found that only few of the irradiated bees returned to the hive, and that they required more time to return than the non irradiated bees. so there is no doubt that wifi & all other communicational system is making devastating affects on our environment.

  • Well friends
    I am know this from a news articles that wifi Mobil and other web signals has been create or cause of death of bees and also makes harm for mobile users. But I don?¡é?€??t agree with this news because this types of systems is highly caked.

  • I think you are all nuts!

  • I just wanted to add to this because I am asked this quite often. I have found an article explaining that the majority of hives that researchers have found that have died off, most of the bees contained a virus that they think caused the problem. Here is a link to the article.

    If your CEO is still worried about it you could tell him to encase the be hives with chain link fence to help lessen the amount of RF that gets to the hives.

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