This is a great article from my good friend Warren Blackwell. Warren puts the smack down in this first (of a series) on 802.11n. It's worth your time to read this one.


  • Devin,

    How can we expect to integrate 802.11n deployments in areas of existing high AP density? Is Hybrid mode and protection our only recourse? Is there any way to achieve the "evolved" micorcell design with MIMO? Are we just re-(e)volving back to surveying for coverage vs throughput once again?

    Thanks for your (and anyone else's) thoughts on this topic,

    --Bruce Johnson


    Does this help?

  • Thanks Devin,

    Wow. A great review of the available design paradigms and challenges. A lot of wisdom with a pinch of wonder. Its so fresh I can smell the aroma of well-risen thinking ;)


    --Bruce Johnson

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