• When we put a STA into PS mode, the driver and/or settable parameters (if they are made available by the manufacturer) decide when and for how long the station goes into the DOZE state.

    BC/MC data is flooded after DTIM-carrying Beacons. That's why Dozing stations must awake before every DTIM Beacon.

    Rather than trying to re-write a book here in the forum, I suggest you get a copy of this book:

    The 802.11 Handbook, 2nd Edition

    One more piece of information that I'd like to add to this thread is that we figured out a number of months (years?) ago since this thread began why the Atheros cards do so much bit-flipping of the PS bit. Off-channel scanning. When they go off-channel to scan, they flip the PS bit to 1 so that the AP will queue traffic, and when they arrive back on-channel, they flip the bit back to 0 which causes all queued unicast data to be flooded to them.


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