• OK. I believe at some time everyone of us has made that statement (and if you haven't its only a matter of time.seriously). I just wanted to throw it out to everyone thats a part of this (CWNP) and proud of it: how do we market our credibility. I mean take a look at the figures of global spending on Wireless LANs annually the past few years, both SOHO, SMB and Main-stream Enterprise...I mean we're talking Gigabucks (US$bn's), come on. True, everyone knows big brother. Being an Equipment Vendor and all I can't blame them for the widespread knowledge of their certs. But having the advantage of being knowledgeable on industry-standards-based technology has got its kicks.
    WiMAX is just about breaking grounds on literally every continent providing backhaul and NLOS access in both the licensed and unlicensed bands, CDMA2000 1X+EVDO is looking the route to take for operators to 3G migration, Unified Licensing and ultimately convergence giving room to triple-play enabled networks is heading North. True, Wireless is Access-Layer technology but in places like most of sub-saharan Africa where backbone carrier infrastructure was inexistent its THE Access Technology. My point is can we all put our heads together and see how do we enhance the value of the CWNP certs (Vendor acceptance, partnership with other certification bodies, govt. accreditation... even street rallies & branded shirts !), Market it and make the world know they'd be needing our knowledge of expertise and skill? Ideas anyone please? I'd love to be able to see their eyes light up and say "Yep, you're right, I'm a Certified Wireless professional Alright..."

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