• For a very large campus wireless network (~30K people), I'm researching the possibly of creating a seamless roaming solution using using Redback to be the endpoint for approximately 500-1000 L2TP tunnels using BCP (bridge control protocol) encapsulation (L2TPv2 with BCP, not L2TPv3 with IPsec)

    Cisco 7200s work, I'm told. Then I could bridge together some of the these aggregate points via MPLS so that all of this wireless traffic does not hairpin back to the datacenter and congest the line.

    But others have told me that the Redback solutions would be a much better solution if for networks with millions of subscribers.

    Does anyone have any advice on Redback here? Or does anyone have any other suggestions on solutions that would scale better?

  • I worked for a major Telco for a while and Redback had a strong rep, expecially with ISPs


  • Same here. I used to work for 2 very large ISPs (now the two largest in the world), and both used Redback for PPPoE session termination of up to 16k sessions per box (at that time). They were very stable and modestly priced in comparison to Cisco's (whose gear was replaced by the RedBack gear in both cases). I'm not sure you could go wrong with RedBack if you decide to go that route. (no pun intended).


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