• @GStefanick - no offense taken, either personally or by the organization. I'm just trying to lay out the facts that we are well funded, well managed, and having fun. Our ability to support customers in the long term is not a concern.

    @Blaze - thanks for the kind words. I think we work particularly well in both K-12 and higher education because we support high density, such as 1:1 initiatives. Other big verticals for us are manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality.

    @GTHill - Thanks for the question. The ROI period for a Xirrus solution is *very* short. If you charge vendors and/or attendees, most customers can recoup their capital investment within the first couple of events.

    This is a great discussion! Thanks for the participation. I have a wireless blog at and you can follow me on Twitter @wifijedi if you are interested.

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