• I have a question with regards to making (or buying a custom made) MIMO antenna:

    I would like to test something like a Cisco 1250 or Moto 7131 supporting legacy clients in a manufacturing environment with known multipath issues. The problem is that I need to use a patch antenna configuration with 8 to 9 dBi of gain (2.4 GHz). If I can mount three patch antennas side-by-side, and center to center measures 5.3 inches, can I make an *effective* MIMO antenna this way? My concern is that I cannot get each antenna within one wavelength (or less) of the other antenna.

    Does anyone know of any existing MIMO patch antennas (for 2x3 systems)? I can only find ceiling mount omni's. What about a company that can actually make me some antennas?

    Thanks in advance...


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