• Im in the middle of something so i cant go into details right at this moment. Having deployed well over 50 Vocera WLAN designs. You need a vocera badge when conducting the assessment.

    It is a bit difficult just to use survey software. Its best surveyed with a badge around the neck in survey mode while using survey software. Also make sure when you enter rooms you close the door and have your back to the door for worse case. Check the badge and make sure its above 25 SNR and then map with your survey software.

    I've had great success with the AP at TX 25mW / 14 dBm. I wouldnt do much higher or lower than that. If you have a high density of aps, dont line them down the hall. Try and duck them in rooms to lessen co- adjacent channel etc ...

    The new b2000s use SNR and is a much better performing badge over the b1000s.

    I think we have a few Vocera engineers here on the forum that can comment as well.

    I always tell customers, there are 4 grades of wireless networks, "DATA, VOIP, VOCERA, LOCATION".

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