• I have been challenged to identify a ruggedized wireless phone that will work in a 35 acre camp site complete with trees and plenty of obstructions (terrain/structures/etc). Currently this is targeted at a walkie-talkie replacement so deploying the best of the best outdoor WLAN gear is out of the budget, however the walkie-talkies have to go as they are beginning to die. I am looking for the following features:
    - Integration into existing PBX
    - Handset to Handset communication in the event of base station power loss and/or emergency
    - Long range / low frequency to allow for coverage over complete campus with minimal base station infrastructure
    - Group Paging
    - SMS (if available)
    - Ability to make in-campus and out-of-campus phone calls
    - Ability to transfer an incoming call from PBX to the handset in the field
    - Ability to integrate into Security Gate

    If this was inside a building or there were some more bucks on the table, then I would go with a VOIP spectralink, etc. I have heard that spectralink has a low frequency product but am not sure if it fits the bill. Any input is greatly appreciated!


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