• When I connect to a wireless network (SOHO) using my laptop, everyone on the network gets disconnected. It seems like all the computer's IP address gets release and renew.

    This issue only happens to this one particular laptop that I have. If I try any other laptop, it works fine and no one gets disconnected.

    Any thoughts?

  • What security (if any) are you running?


  • I'm running the weakest WEP-64 bit, D-Link. Yes, I know.....

  • That's ok... it isn't why I asked. :) If something is wrong with a STA protocol while using TKIP it can force the AP to believe it is under attack and stop communication for a minute.

    That is really a tough problem. Not sure I have an answer right now, but I'll think about it.


  • Thanks GT. I'll try a couple of things to see if I can pin point the issue. I'll post if I find a solution to this issue.

  • Have you already tried driver updates for the offending wireless card/laptop? I know some of the Intel 3945ABG cards had such an issue with one of their driver/application versions. It was fixed fairly quickly with another driver update.

  • Is the D-Link the DHCP server or are you getting the addresses from the DS? I have had a similar problem with D-Link and decided to use a DHCP server on the DS to solve the problem. When I did that my problem stopped.

  • Not sure if you have a analyzer, do you? It would be interesting to see what is going on, what packets your client is sending and how the AP is responding.

  • cmoua,

    Here is a dumb question, does the laptop that is causing the problem have DHCP server services running ? Could it be acting as a DHCP server ?

    If you plug this laptop into the network using a wired connection, does the problem still occur ?

  • Blaze - I have not tried that yet. I will do firmware udpate.

    BryanH - The D-Link is the DHCP server. Good point though. I will try pointing the DHCP server somewhere.

    GStefanick - Good point, I will sniff the connection and find out what is going on during the connect between AP and client.

    Mario - There are no dumb questions. It's usually good. DHCP server services is not running on the laptop. I've checked that too. When physically plugged in, it works without any issues.

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