• As default when associate a 802.1X Wlan, the authentication is SmartCard or other certificate.

    if we want to use EAP Authentication is PEAP, unuse validate server certificate and don't want automatically use Windows logon name and password to login. We must manually modify each time

    do we have any way to change that default?

    Thank you.

  • Yes, hit the configure button next to MSCHAPv2 button...

  • Thanks

    I knew how to change that default, however if i join to another 802.1X wlan, i have to do again those steps, my desire is it automatic changed to PEAP, uncheck validate server certificate and uncheck Windows logon name and password already.

  • oh, you will be better off using a supplicant and not windows. For example, you can configure a "profile" and attach it to a specific SSID "network"....

    So you could roam inbetween diffent networks and not be troubled with configuring it again ...

    Does that help?

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