• Does anyone know of an access point that has multiple LAN ports that can also act as a switch ?

    It needs to be multiple BSSID and VLAN capable too.


    Neil Mac

  • Mikrotik

    We are starting to use these in our WISP and their capabilities are far and above anything else on the market.

    I just bought 10 of what you are looking for, except mine don't have wireless cards installed. Neil, hit me up on Skype if you want further details but I can put you in contact with a dealer that is local to me and has great tech support.


  • Look up the HP MSM-317.

    Small AP, VLAN Capable Switch and PoE Passthru.

    Great for hotel deployments.


  • By (Deleted User)

    Hey Neil,
    Check out Ruckus Wireless's MediaFlex 2800 product. It has 4 ports and supports multiple BSSIDs and VLANs. It can also be a WAN gateway if needed.


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