• Hi everyone!

    I've been having a problem with a review question that I hope someone can clarify:

    Q11. In order to establish a 4-mile point-to-point bridge link in the 2.4GHz ISM band, what factors should be taken under consideration? (Choose all that apply.)

    A. Fresnel zone with 40 percent or less blockage
    B. Earth bulge calculations
    C. Minimum of 16dBi of passive gain
    D. Proper choice of semi directional antenna
    E. Proper choice of highly directional antenna.

    I always choose A & E, yet the answers to the review question says A & D. Yet in the chapter it states that semi directional antennas are used for short to medium range links upto 1 mile for planar antennas and up to 2 miles for yagi antennas.

    Which is right?

  • Both D and E would work fine. I always use E when I can since it will Tx and Rx less interference. Downside is that they are larger and can be more of a pain to install.

    Just understand that practice test questions are written as well as the real test. You understand this part fine so just keep on going!


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