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  • I would like to know what is the best way to set up a Paid Hotspot that accepts credit cards etc I know how to setup the hardware part but i kneed to know the software side whats the best software to use thats simple? I currently use Antamedia but it has to run on a PC all the time and it apparently has bugs. thanks in advance.

  • hi STAN

    actually no one was able to help me i found that uve setup the hardware side so u can help me a bit

    i need some advice and solution. my friend have a food court and want to offer internet access to its customer and buyers.

    i need to know that hardware and software will be more appropriate.. (AP,PoE switch, Server ..etc)

    its must comprise of prepaid ticket etc..or any other ways of authentication or payment method(include credit cards)

    we need to have full control and statistics also


    ashley from Mauritius

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