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  • I am pretty sure that I recall that you guys stating on this site that the VA supports certifications from this organization. But when I submit for them to reimbursement me for the test fee they tell me that CWNP is not authorized. Did I read something wrong on this site or what?

  • By (Deleted User)

    You are correct:

    Earlier this year, it was reported to us that the VA database was not functioning properly so you couldn't find any certifications through their online search. But all CWNP certifications are eligible for VA reimbursement under both GI Bills (Montgomery & Post 9/11).

    We'll contact them and clarify asap.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks Kevin,

    I think that its a bunch of bull on the VA's part because when I attempted the CWNA during the later part of last year and failed they reimbursed me for the test but now they are denying it.

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    Ya gotta love our Federal Government, no?

    Here's the latest:

    [quote]The VA converted the certification and licensing from one electronic system to another. It hasn?t worked worth a flip since. No ETA on fixing it. Tell your veterans to go ahead and submit their reimbursement requests. Email richard <dot> middleton1 <at> va <dot> gov if there are any issues.[/quote]

    This is correct. The license/cert search engine is here:

    All of the exams below are approved, but do not show up in the above search engine. We're currently waiting status update on CWAP and CWDP.

    CWTS - PW0-070
    CWNA - PW0-104
    CWSP - PW0-204

    I hope this helps. Please post status updates here.

  • Will do Kevin. Thanks for the help.

  • The VA got everything straighten out with the reimbursement for test fees.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Excellent. Glad to hear it, and thanks for keeping us posted.

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