• Question: Low SNR would seem to cause low throughput due to corrupted packets. no? So then is absorption, FSPL and any other attenuators/loss factors/range issues (higher channel frequency) a cause for low throughput? Also, if stations back off rates due to decreased signal levels it would lower throughput, or so it would seem. Then increased retries, fragmentation (if that is still common in real life). Also, would absorption(dry wall..obstructions) certainly cause hidden node issues and related throughput problems?

    Anyway, this is a bit of disagreement with the CD practice test three that listed throughput factors and absorption and FSPL were not correct answers. I guessed right based on past test questions but I am still wondering about it.

  • I believe what the question is looking for is low throughput compared to normal traffic in a mature WLAN. FPSL and absorption would be considerations during a site survey and initial deployment. However, during normal operation, these would be the most unlikely causes since they were ruled out during the planning phase, especially FPSL, which should only change if the frequency changes since placement of the AP's should be designed to overcome coverage problems created by distance between the transmitter and the receiver. I agree that absorption could play a role, but again I believe the question is assuming that you're aware of any new construction of walls, doors and user density changes in the coverage area.

    Just my two cents :)

  • Could you please post the [u]exact[/u] question and answer list exactly as it is written ?

    Thanks .

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