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    I was doing a site review at one of the warehouses and I noticed one particular AP is being seen on all 3 channels (1,6, & 11)channels  first it was on 6, then 1 and then 11 , It is a huge site with over 100 AP's so what I generally do is take screenshots of the mac-addresses the wireless card is seeing and then review it later on , while reviewing I noticed that this particular mac-address is shown on 3 different channels , how is that possible ? even if it is set to ACS that only works when the AP reboots up right ?

  • What brand of AP is this?


  • HP Procurve dont remember the exact model ,but its the one with two radio's b/g and a .

  • Does it have a form of rogue AP detection?  Some vendors will send a null probe request on a channel, listen for responses, then change channels and repeat.  This helps find bad guys in the air.


  • May be the AP has a Dynamic radio resource provisioning turned on, this feature switches the AP's radio into different channels on a interval(say 5 min) based on best channel available. 

  • Hi Anees,

    It looks like the Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) (also called with some vendor Dynamic Channel Assignment, DCA) is enabled.Changing the channel does not require rebooting the AP. An AP can simply change the channel and all connected stations will accordingly get disconnected.
    It need to be mentioned though that frequent channel change with ACS/DCA means something wrong is around. Either bad design or bad configuration for ACS/DCA thresholds.

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